Sunday, March 11, 2018

Weekend Walkabout: Painting What You See, and What You Don't See

So I've been putting in a little more time in the mini-studio, working on watercolors! They are wonderful challenges because you get one shot, that's it. No erasing, no painting over. One shot.
Frustration or fun, you never know which, when you're a newbie like me:
A beach scene in progress. Frustration or fun?

Here is a hot-press, controlled painting based on the wonderful artistry of Mithila/Madhubani artwork from India:
And of course, there's photography based on my weekend walkabouts, both indoors and out:
Lilies Close-up, MRobb, 2018
Vase of Lilies, MRobb, 2018
Our Fish Crows in Residence, Hugin and Munin, have returned, so I promise a post soon...have a wonderful Weekend Walkabout!

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