Saturday, March 22, 2014

Another Tillie Portrait and a Dragonfly

I'm busy with a meditation and Reiki weekend for the next two days, but I have a couple things to share. First, another Tillie portrait! This one is full bloom, what a sight. It's always poignant to see a Tillie bloom, because they only do this once. After that, they give all their energy to their pups, which then bloom in their own time. So the flowers are very special indeed, and deserve a portrait:
During a work break this week, I saw the most amazing emerald dragonfly (Order Odonata) perched on one of my Schefflera trees.
Our modern dragonflies have wingspans of around 5-7cm, but back in the Paleozoic, there was so much oxygen that dragonflies could grow much larger; fossils have been found that show dragonflies could reach a 50cm wingspan. I'm not sure I'd want to find that guy perching on my Shefflera!

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  1. So, are you saying that Tillies could be an even more vivid symbol of fundamental transience and impermanence, and the same time recurrence and continuity of beauty and life itself than the famous cherry blossoms?

    With an added dash of mystery and whimsically willful unpredictability (because, as far as I understand, unlike with the cherry blossoms, one cannot know exactly when a Tillie will bloom); culminating in a gentle and unassuming sacrifice of self-flourishing for the sake of the next generation…

    I had no idea Tillies were such an archetypal plant! :)

    Perhaps a haiku contest is is in order…

    P.S. Beautiful pictures, as always, especially the Tillie. The soft, topographic texture of the background harmonizes very well with the layered architecture of the Tillie flower and the practically tactile three-dimensionality of the leaves. Evokes very peaceful and dreamy mood.