Saturday, September 24, 2016

Adromischus cristatus, the Key Lime Pie Plant, Blooms!

My original post on the Key Lime Pie Plant, aka Adromischus cristatus, remains one of my top 3 popular blog posts. Who could have guessed?
Adromischus cristatus, MRobb
This plant is now bigger, has had multiple children, and is still going strong. This week, it bloomed next to my blue garden Buddha....
Key Lime Pie Plant and Buddha, MRobb, 2016
You can see that as the plant matures, those orange adventitious roots go nutty, and daughter plants sprout alongside the mother plant. Each leaf can start a new plant, so every once in a while, I pinch off a leaf, dip it in rooting hormone, and "throw it and grow it". Wonderful!
And here's a nice pic of a few American Fish Crows from our local Clan Munin:
American Fish Crows, MRobb, 2016
As I always like to say, they are as intelligent as chimpanzees, and as sociable as we are. Love 'em!
Have a great weekend!

Weekend Walkabout? Not So Much....

I recently had major dental surgery so I am too zonked out to think of anything intelligent or amusing to post for y'all! Please forgive me, I'll be back in a few days. Happy gardening to you all in the meantime!
Lantana, MRobb

Frithia pulchra, MRobb

Mammillaria, MRobb

Now back to bed for me....

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Think About It Thursday: Is Life Seeded by Comets and Asteroids??

The OSIRIS-REx Mission may be able to answer those questions, at least a little. Cuz' it's gonna land on an asteroid! To follow this way cool mission, launching from Cape Canaveral, Florida, tonight, check out the website:

But hey, every post needs a picture. And I don't have one of OSIRIS-REx. So, on a totally unrelated topic, here's how the Blackwork Embroidery is going:
What do embroidery and asteroids have in common? Well, maybe asteroid-seeded life forms that like to do embroidery? Who knows? We will, someday. Maybe.
Happy gardening and creating, everyone!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Weekend Walkabout: A Baby Bloomin' Babytoes, Goodbye Hermine, and Blackwork

So Hermine has said goodbye, the first landfalling hurricane here in 11 years. We had a lot of rain and wind, but thankfully, no storm surge on our sand dune.
I have a young Babytoes which is not like my other Babytoes- it's an aurantica! That means its flowers are quite yellow, although it could be a hybrid, as the petals are a light yellow, but not white:
Blooming Baby Babytoes, Aurantica Hybrid???
And I'm working hard on my Blackwork sampler, because I really loved the series "The Tudors", and the magnificent blackwork embroidery in those linen undershirts caught my eye. One of the women in my embroidery group took pity on me and gave me a full course on blackwork embroidery from the 1970s, and this is where I'm at with it:
It's extremely painstaking and meticulous work, but very rewarding. May take several months, but I'll get it! In the meantime, happy gardening and creating!