Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throw it in the dirt and watch it grow!

So what have I been throwing in the dirt outside lately? Well, first up is a Mallika mango---
Mallika mango in process, MR, Sep2014
I'd just enjoyed a delicious mango from a neighbor's garden. It's a fairly new variety here, a hybrid from  India. It was not at all fibrous and had lovely honey and melon flavors. Without thinking, I threw the pit in the trash. About an hour later, I had a thought, and pulled the now coffee-grounds covered pit out of the trash. Yuck. Washed it off. Threw it in some dirt, and 10 days later, I had my own baby mango. We are now officially tropical and Zone 10, but I'll grow it in a large container, in case of a tropical storm or sudden frost this winter. I'm kind of attached to the little guy at this point.

I also threw some extra red turmeric tubers (fresh, of course) into a pot. Fresh red turmeric is delicious, just raw and peeled. It's a powerful anti-inflammatory, too, so I eat some after strenuous workouts. A week later, I found these guys in the pot:
Red Turmeric, MR, Sep 2014
I also threw some extra purple potatoes in the ground outside and they are growing like crazy. What will I think to throw next? Don't throw it away, grow it! (I do have a gripe, though. Some large farms spray their potatoes with "No Sprout" (my name for it), which prevents you from growing some potatoes yourself. Hurrumph to them.)
What do you like to throw in the dirt??

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