Sunday, October 19, 2014

Weekend Walkabout: Just a Pretty Dawn

Not much to report today, except a really beautiful sunrise:
Dawn, Zone 10, MR, October 2014
This is my favorite time of day, so peaceful. I'm going to walk on the beach and play my crystal singing bowls on the patio. Oh, yeah, and do some gardening. The green zinnias and snapdragons are blooming. Have a wonderful weekend and happy gardening!


  1. Beautiful sunrise. I don't see many of these, as I am primarily late to bed and late to rise. Developed that habit as a kid when my big hobby was astronomy and I wanted to stay in the backyard all night with my telescope. Hope your autumn has been a good one thus far. I am now in process of putting my succulents into their winter quarters. Some will come into the house but most will go into my heated, plastic covered frames outside. Hopefully I finish the move up by the end of this coming weekend. My zinnias and sunflowers are all finished and only a few tomatoes left in the garden. Nice to hear you are still enjoying your flowers. Take care.

    1. Winter quarters? We have not had a single day below 80F my zinnias and snapdragons and herbs are all blooming like crazy. I am looking forward to a few cooler days soon. Sadly, I am delinquent with my plantings- have to get bulbs planted and cool herbs sown soon or I'll miss our main growing season! The tropics are weird....