Thursday, December 4, 2014

Can This Phalaenopsis Be Saved? Yes!

A few months ago, I found a tiny, bedraggled, miniature Phalaenopsis orchid at a big box store. It was on the nursery "Death Cart" for a buck, or was it $3? I can't remember, but I wanted to practice orchid care, so I bought it. Its roots were a mess, with only 3 little ones left intact, but I potted it up anyway. And here it is now!
Not only does it have fresh new roots growing, it also has a flower stalk with five buds on the way. I was under the impression that a rescue orchid needs more time to recover than a month, but I don't want to cut off the buds. I'll keep watering daily and let it go about its business. In general, I don't recommend rescuing orchids with rotten roots, but in this case, things went better than planned.

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