Saturday, March 5, 2016

Orchid Season: Oncidium and Catasetum

I love all orchids, but Dancing Spider Lady Oncidiums are one of my top three faves. And mine is blooming!
Oncidium, MRobb, 2016
Here is my other Oncidium, on its last bloom (it is a little sluggish this year, possibly due to our cold winter):
Oncidium, MRobb, 2015
Oncidiums can handle a lack of water better than Phals, as they have lots of water storage capacity. They do like water, however, and lots of light. So my Phals are in the shadier corners, while my Oncidiums have lots of bright morning sun. The rather comical aspect of Oncidiums is how they seem to "crawl" out of the pot. The highly visible roots are prolific, and really seem to push out of the pot. Interestingly, they seem to do better in a smaller pot than a larger one.

And in News for Orchids, my Catasetum tenebrosum has come out of its deathlike dormancy and is growing again. Can you spot the new growth?
So now I'm watering it every day, and fertilizing once a week. Grow, Cat, grow!

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