Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Oh No, More Age of Lonely....

I truly don't like being a Debbie Downer. I'm generally described as "perky" or "bubbly". Heck, I'm even a blonde! Still, I manage to maintain my five senses, and I don't like what I'm sensing some days.....
I used to go free diving, SCUBA diving, and snorkeling in South Florida and the Florida Keys. This was back in the Jurassic, when there were reefs, and fish. It was amazing! It was mindblowing! Now we are heading toward the Neo-Eemian perhaps, and the ocean I loved so much is acidifying, more quickly than predicted. Here is the Then (when I was a snorkeling kid in these waters) and Now, in the Age of Lonely:
Photos courtesy of Chris Langdon, Climate Central
Acidification from too much carbon dioxide, higher temperatures, and possibly, too many nutrients in the water from too many people and agricultural corporations not cleaning up their *S&% before it hits the ocean. A magical environment dead and gone. I've heard the same thing is happening in Australia with that miraculous place, the Great Barrier Reef. I grieve for that amazing place that I've never seen, and maybe never will.
Will we learn how to care for our world in time to save what's left???


  1. Marla,
    For about a year of my life, also back in the Jurassic, I lived near Key West on the SaddleBunch keys. I enjoyed diving and snorkeling there too! This Age of Lonely sucks. And we continue to breed ourselves out of existence...
    Azar (Gail)

    1. Yes, it really sucks, and that last comment of yours is the elephant on the dining room table no one talks about! Try bringing it up at a party and see if you're ever invited back....(speaking from sad experience here).