Saturday, July 9, 2016

Paint a Window: Soul Windows

I haven't done a painting post for nearly a year, I think. If I weren't too lazy to look this up in my blog archive, I would know for sure, but my sandy memory tells me it's been about a year.

My new series has been going on for several months, and I call them Soul Windows. I suppose they could just as easily be called Soul Tiles, since they are based on tiles, but never mind that. They are designed to be portable and used for meditation. Here are a few:
Soul Window Purple, MRobb, 2016
Soul Window Yellow and Blue, MRobb, 2016
Soul Window Magenta, MRobb, 2016
Sometimes, I don't go with tiles, but with flowers or feathers:
Pink Feather, MRobb, 2016
They are painted on wood, Aquabord or Gessobord (though any gesso'd Masonite would work well) with layers of crackle paste, various glitters and pigments, watercolors, and acrylic interference paints. Pouring medium is used at the end to give a smooth, shiny, "surfboard finish". I learned this surfboard finish from the amazing acrylic artist Nancy Reyner (do give her a Google).

The tiles are usually studded with tiny Swarovski crystals or bits of gemstone. The end result is glowing color and toughness so they can be lugged around in...luggage. I've always liked portable shrines that are used in many religions, so I may try enclosing these in wooden boxes than can be opened and shut. Maybe I'll use old cigar boxes. Right now they are housed in silk bags. We'll see where it all goes!

Have a creative weekend!


  1. Hi Marla, these soul windows are very beautiful. :)

  2. Hi, Ngeun, glad to see your comment and thank you for the compliment! How have you been?

    1. Hi Marla, I've been good thank you. I'm glad you still remember me. Your plants and work look amazing! I've returned to my art at

    2. Terrific! I've bookmarked your site!