Monday, November 21, 2016

Mishmash Monday: Odds and Ends

I finished a really fun watercolor class with Helen Wheatley today. I am, or was, watercolor-phobic. A great friend of mine from my teen years was an exquisite watercolorist, and I've always dodged the medium because I felt I could never measure up to her. Nevertheless, I am pretty happy with this painting from the class:
MRobb, Autumn Leaves I, November 2016
And guess who's blooming? My favorite Mammillaria!
I just love the funny little faces she makes when she blooms.
At the market last week, I saw a really weird fruit, and I knew a little about it because it's featured in one of my favorite perfumes, Alexis Dadier's Buddha Hand. I had to pose the actual fruit with two new paintings, because I do love those funny faces:
The two paintings were commissioned as prizes for a poetry/essay contest. They're my usual mixed media, not watercolor. But I may attempt some more watercolor as time goes by, who knows?
I will write more about my culinary adventures with the mysterious Buddha Hand later.

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