Sunday, February 19, 2017

Perfume Post: Gaultier Classique vs. Classique Intense

"This smells like my grandmother!" That's what my DH said when he first smelled Gaultier's Classique, from 1993 by Jacques Cavallier. Now my DH is from Eastern Europe, and he means this phrase as a high compliment. Florientals were well made and worn with pride: his grandma smelled good!
In fact, Cavallier designed Classique with his own grandmother in mind:

"One part dusty loose powder, like my grandmother wore -- I think it was old Coty; one part that smell you get when you are sitting in the front row of the theater -- for me, I think of going to The Chatelet when I was 12, and the curtain goes up, and the hot lights are on the costumes, wigs and sets, and you breathe it all in. And, just to be modern, one part nail polish remover!"

Yup, that nail polish remover bit makes you think the perfume's gone off, but don't worry, it hasn't. This is the perfume that Rita Hayworth could have worn in "Cover Girl" with Gene Kelly in 1944.

Then, suddenly, it was the new millenium, and time for an update. Francis Kurkdjian redesigned it in 2014, and Classique Intense was born. He said it was 40% the old Classique (classic Classique??) and 60% his own stuff. The result? Well, I love them both. The original feels retro and comforting. The Intense, very light and, though the word is now a cliche in perfumery, solar. It really feels like the most intense sort of golden light is permeating my skin. Great for mornings when I have a new project going and need to be totally focused. Flankers don't usually add much to the olfactory conversation but Classique/Classique Intense is an exception you should really seek out!


  1. Hi Marla!
    I purchased the Intense version after reading what you said about it a year or so ago. It definitely helps with focus. Invigorating! I love it 😀

    1. Hi, Gail! I really like both versions, but find myself wearing the Intense much more than the original. It's a real morning perk-up! The original feels more comfortable in the evening, cozied up with a good novel.