Saturday, March 25, 2017

Two Sad Notes: Bunns, Chicks, and Tillies (OK, 3 Sad Notes)

There've been a lot of these in past couple years, yes? Perhaps for you, too. Anyway, here goes-
First, there will be no Raven Cam this year. Henry, the husband, flew into a glass window and died of his injuries. The students are debating with their teachers whether to help his widow with their nest, or "let nature take its course", whatever that means these human-dominated days!
No photo, the Raven Cam has been turned off. Most likely permanently.

Second, let's all get the word out about baby bunnies and chicks as Easter presents. NOOOO! Let's go with chocolate, or plushies, instead. As a member of our local rabbit rescue group, I thought I'd share this poem, which pretty much sums it up. Feel free to share, fellow gardeners, and let's save a bunn or chick! Just click on the poem to get the big, readable version:
I'm working on a comprehensive post on "Tillies Then and Now" to show how my Tillie garden has grown and changed over the years. I'll be posting soon, so stay tuned, and remember, Tillies Are the Future! :-)

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