Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pensive Tuesday: How Far Would You Go...

For your collection??? For that rare plant, the new cultivar that looks so amazing?

If you couldn't find what you wanted, would you grow them from seed?

 Or engineer them in a lab so that they glow in the dark??
Would you collect it in the wild? How far would you go to get it? What risks would you take?

As for me, I'm willing to go about 50 miles or so to a specialist's nursery, or order on the Internet, but I don't collect wild plants. I'll try growing them from seed if I can't find any locally. But that is not always successful! I tried growing Argyrodermas from seed, both in soil mix, and in wet paper towels. The seeds came all the way from S. Africa, but I grew nothing. My Lithops seedlings, on the other hand, seem OK

I've read fascinating stories about botanists going through real Indiana Jones adventures in the Karoo and Argentina, looking for rare succulents and epiphytes. I'm not willing to go quite that far...but how about you??


  1. Hi Marla! If I had the resources, I would definitely go on a Indi adventure to find new & rare plants! Growing from seeds is a great way to learn about plants, & to create a new cultivar/variety would be very rewarding! :)

  2. An Indi adventure to find new plants does sound like a lot of fun, actually! Growing from seeds is very rewarding, but I had no idea what a high-maintenance project it is until I tried it.... And some of those new Lithops cultivars from Japan are just...wild!