Thursday, June 6, 2013

The First Tropical Storm of the Season....

We are getting hit with fast-moving Tropical Storm Andrea today. It spun up very fast last night in the Gulf of Mexico and is now crossing Florida. Will get back to blogging as soon as I can. We are having intermittent power outages and strong, nasty rain bands. A small part of the roof is kaput! Wish us all good luck....

"Lithops in Rain" MR 2013


  1. Good luck and stay safe. Apparently storm should pass quickly and then come north to me with a lot of rain. Bob

  2. Things are quieting down now. Hopefully, you'll just get some rain, but not too much!

  3. Try to stay dry. Sorry to hear about the roof! Are the lithops inside away from all the rain?

  4. Hi, Gail,
    Most of my Lithops are indoors, but I have about 8 living outside. So far this morning, they look OK. I planted them in a custom soil mix so it would drain very quickly. Mega perlite and pumice!