Friday, June 7, 2013

The Sun Comes Out On Fridays....

Hurray for weekends without hurricanes or tropical storms! We all came through just fine, and TS Andrea is now roiling around somewhere near Virginia. Lost some more bits from the roof, but it'll be repaired next week. A few seriously leaning palm trees, but my Russian Sunflowers made it through the winds and rain:

Sunny as a Babytoes!
I'm writing up my "Lessons from Lithops" post and it will be here soon. In the meantime, happy Friday!


  1. Hi Marla,
    Glad things are getting back to normal. We had a rainy, rainy day but no problems. We pay close attention to storms ever since we were visited in April 2002 by an F3 tornado.

    I really like sunflowers and plant them in a small garden right outside our dining room sliding glass doors. We enjoy the flowers for several months, and then later in summer as the seeds start to ripen we enjoy watching the gold finches swarm over the sunflower heads. Nice in the morning with first cup of coffee. However, I must admit, I've never equated sunflowers with babytoes! :-)

  2. My Babytoes seem to just love everything that's going on, and keep blooming. So they're tough, like these sunflowers. It's interesting, though, on our sand dune, these are about 4 feet tall, whereas in Russia and Ukraine, they grow to 10 feet high. So hard conditions seem to produce dwarf plants within a single generation, interesting!