Sunday, July 28, 2013


Last month, I made a pledge to myself to spend more time with the photos I already have, and to stop piling on so many new ones. I've been doing...okay with that, I guess. I have been using my old manual Nikon (an ancient film camera), and it's been lots of fun. And I've started learning Corel PaintShop Pro, also fun. Just playing around with some of my favorite Lithops and Babytoes shots has been an interesting experience....
A Bold, Posterized Babytoes, MR 2013
And an even bolder Lithops in blue. I did say blue was going to be the in color for Lithops this year, didn't I? Hmmm....
OK, back to the photo lab before Monday intrudes!


  1. Well......those are sure different. :) Sounds like fun though. I still have my old Canon A1 camera with which I took (estimated guess based on the notebooks of slide I STILL have) 30,000 photos. I don't want to even think about the overall file and developing cost. I took seven trips to the Southwest and each time shot approx. 40 roles of 36 shot film. I fully understand the problem today with uncontrolled digital picture taking. The numbers of picture files can get astronomical very quickly when there is no cost restraints for film and processing. I like the artistic nature of the pictures, but I wouldn't want to have to identify the species of lithops!! Have a great day Marla.

  2. Hi, Bob!
    I wanted the Lithops to look like undersea creatures, and I think I succeeded.... And yes, what to do with all the photos? If you think of the photos taken by 7 billion people, well, okay, about 2 billion probably take and store photos, that's...a whole lotta photos! Thank goodness for cloud storage.