Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lithops Weekend Update

Not much happening with the Lounging Lithops. Most have completed regeneration, some still have the old leaves in a semi-shriveled state:
I just finished a series of stoneware "Coconut Bowls". They are thusly dubbed because they reminded several people of coconut shells. I guess I sort of get that. They've been much more useful than I thought they would be, and actually stack pretty well, so I will probably make more.... They range from 8cm to 15cm in diameter.

And I'm keeping up with my Corel practice. Here's a shot from Fairchild Tropical Gardens down in Miami....
Blue Study, Fairchild, MR 2013
Have a wonderful and creative weekend!


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  2. I meant to say GREAT BOWLS! Also love your Corel practice piece.

  3. Thanks, Gail! They're fun to make, and though it will take at least a year to really figure out the Corel, I am enjoying the steep learning curve.