Monday, August 12, 2013

Morose Monday: Why Does This Always Happen To Me??

Morose Monday has pre-empted Pensive Tuesday in normal linear time, but Weird Wednesday is still on....
As an (alleged) painter, I try to do studies to improve my technique. I do these studies when I'm between paintings, and sometimes, they turn out OK. But other times, usually on Mondays, they...don't.
OK, so today I'm closely following instructions for painting an apple in watercolor. How hard can it be, right??
Here's the result the teacher got:
Apple by Teacher

I try really hard, I go step by step,  yet I still win the Bad Kitty Award....

Apple by Me
I really don't know how this happens, but it usually does. Not just on Mondays.... Though on Mondays, I usually get the Face of Pain. Can you spot the apple's Face of Pain??

Hope you're having a better Monday than I am....


  1. If you want an apple that looks exactly like an apple, take a photo! Your apple looks much more interesting and artistic than the teacher's.

  2. Ah, you made my day, Ellen, thanks! And now, even my photos turn out weird, as I'm using my PaintShop regularly.

  3. I think I spot the face of pain! Maybe this is how Amazing Orange got his start. Forget the "perfect" apple, yours has character. "It's alive" and I love it!

    When I observe a painting, drawing or photo (my own or someone else's) the first thing I look for is my own emotional or physical reaction to the piece. I have ruined a lot of my own work by listening to and (against my better judgement) acting on what other people have to say. If what you do speaks to you don't add to or take away the tiniest thing unless you really want to. If it is working JUST LEAVE IT ALONE!

    1. Thank you, Gail, you made me happy and proud!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm becoming fond of it. Today's exercise, a plate of grapes! Uh oh....