Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's the Year of the Horse!

In Chinese astrology, the Year of the Horse can be very unpredictable and action-oriented. The motto of the Horse is, "I act!" It can be a tricky year, full of ups and downs. But I noticed a few months ago I was becoming interested in depicting horses, and by very cool coincidence, Chef Riccardo sent me some wonderful photos he took in Italy of...horses!
Photo by Riccardo Senettin, 2013
Photo by Riccardo Senettin, 2013
The spacious, almost surreal quality of the photos got me painting (no surprises there). So far, I'm enjoying the results, though neither painting is finished yet. My acrylics generally take several months, as I paint in very thin layers, about 20-30 per painting, and collage various bits in as I go.
"Cavalli 1: In Process", MR, 2014
This one's about halfway done, with the basic areas blocked in.

And here's a peek at a corner of my studio, with the second horse painting, "Cavalli 2", on the easel. I'll post photos when they are finished. Anyone else inspired by horses this year? Anyone dreading or excited by the wild ride that is the Year of the Horse?

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