Friday, February 7, 2014

New Things For Spring

It's not quite spring here yet, but it will be soon, as spring starts early in the subtropics. So I am traying something new. No, that's not a typo....
I'm really trying a tray!  This is a garden-starter. It comes with compressed, dehydrated sterile soil in little nylon pouches. I add clean water to the pouches, open the tops, add my seeds of choice, pop the top on the tray, put it in a spot with medium heat and medium light, and wait. So this will be my herb garden of smelly plants, particularly peppermint, dill, and lime basil.  We'll see how it works.

I've got my usual stem cutting from my humongous scented geranium going:
They take about 2 weeks to grow strong roots. Then they can be planted outdoors in the garden, or in a pot.
And the Tillies are pupping like mad. Here's an adorable baby T. magnusiana (the fluffball Tillie):
I like T. magnusiana as single specimens, so when this pup has doubled its size, I'll separate it from the mother plant. The more magnusianas, the merrier, right? What's springing up in your neck of the woods? I think with the strange weather, more gardeners will be starting their plants indoors this year.

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