Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Breaking News: Lithops Elected Mayor!

Young Lithops Stony Wrinkleman was voted Mayor of the city of Boca Loca, Florida in a landslide victory today.
Stony Wrinkleman, Lithops Leader
Wrinkleman's campaign had a rocky start, as it was not known if Mesembs could actually run for mayor of the city. Once the matter was settled in Stony's favor, voters were charmed by Wrinkleman's "down-to-earth" approach to daunting civic problems like creeping bureaucracy, corruption, and bad gardening techniques.

"I believe he's the one who can turn things around and regenerate this town," said one happy citizen. Wrinkleman promises to keep a low profile and to solve civic problems in a practical manner. He is a firm advocate of slow growth for cities.

Wrinkleman follows in the footsteps of Stubbs, the feline mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, as the second non-human elected official in the United States. We're all rooting for him and wishing for his steady growth as a new leader. 


  1. I'd vote for them both! Happy April Marla. Hope your weather is peachy keen. (Do they say that any more? :-)

    1. Our weather is indeed peachy, the tough, scary hot days are yet to come. I think I'd vote for Lithops, too!