Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Lithops and Mexican Tuberose, and More Dahlias

I couldn't resist buying a few very cute Lithops a few weeks ago. They had no label of any kind, and the store clerk wanted to know "what the heck those weird plants" were! I particularly love the colors of the (presumed) karasmontanas on the lower right:
 L. karasmontana x2 on the lower right.
I've been growing some Mexican Tuberose near the dahlias and geraniums. Here is what the tubers of Polianthes tuberosa look like:
I planted them a couple inches deep in rich but well-draining soil with moderate water and strong morning sun, and about 2 weeks later, I had this!

Single Mexican tuberose are the most fragrant, which is why I chose them over the showier, but milder-smelling Pearl tuberose. They have been cultivated in Mexico since Pre-Columbian times for their spectacular scent. The Spanish fell in love with them and took them back to Europe. In their ideal environment they can grow 2 meters tall! Mine are only about 25cm at this point, but hey, it's a sand dune. They grow best in Zones 8 through 10, so I'm very excited to smell these in another month or so. If they bloom I will certainly post photos.

The dahlias have been blooming prolifically, and I can't say sunflowers are my all-time favorite flower anymore- it's a tie. They never reached dinner plate size, but flowers grown near beaches tend to be dwarfed a bit. And I didn't have the heart to pinch off 90% of the buds as I was supposed to; I'd rather have more, but smaller dahlias than just one huge one:
Now I've got to get some watering and weeding done, and mustn't forget the Tillies...!


  1. Wow wow wow. Orange & purply. Yum!! Love what you've done with the colours. Indeed, I think 2 karasmontana and 3 halii.

  2. Thanks, Paddarotti! I think you're exactly right on which species they are, too.