Monday, June 23, 2014

A Lovely Cactus Flower: Rebutia wessneriana (?)

Naturally, this little guy was simply labeled "Cactus" when I bought it last year at a nursery. Well, duh.

It's sometimes hard to tell one cactus from another, as many look similar to each other. Until they bloom, that is! Then it's time to pull out the cactus guide and do some educated guessing.

This is cactus-blooming month in my garden, and this amazing orange-red flower makes me think this little guy is a Rebutia wessneriana, also known as R. krainziana.  It's a small, clumping cactus from Bolivia. It can handle a little more frost, but can't stand super-hot, midday sun or prolonged intense heat. It's somewhat prone to rot and can't stand too much water or dampness. Each flower lasts for several days, and there are three to five buds per mature cactus. Adorable!

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