Monday, June 2, 2014

Let's All Breathe: The Oxygen Corner

I was shocked and saddened to learn that oxygen levels in some of our megacities have plummeted to around 12-15% (USA's OSHA says that oxygen levels below 19.5% are hazardous to our health). Clearly, we need more plants, particularly if we live in a megacity. As I've written before, I believe Tillandsias have a unique role in our future. We can keep so many of them indoors, and, without the fuss of dirt, they filter our air and give us oxygen! That's why some wise Chinese are using Spanish Moss as full window-screens in their apartments, and why I keep growing and talking about Tillandsias to anyone who can tolerate my monologues....

A small room in our house was lacking plant life, so I created an "Oxygen Corner":
Some great books (on gardening and botany of course), a row of lovely Lithops, and then Tillies and African Violets (because they are so pretty) make this corner fun. I made the ceramic tiles to hang the Tillies on, and I've also got an orchid on the right, because their flowers smell like coconut, which I love. I really don't know to what extent this little corner filters the room's air, or how much oxygen these little plants add, but it's a lovely corner to contemplate when reading, and I figure, every room can use an oxygen corner.

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