Thursday, July 17, 2014

What is Tillandsia "Califano"??

Tillandsia "Califano", MR, 2013
I found this Tillie about a year ago at a garden show. It was labeled merely "Califano". Of course, I knew by it's charming rootlessness that it was a Tillandsia. But I'd never heard of a "Califano", and it wasn't listed in my Padilla or Isley books.
T. "Califano" next to T. filifolia
The only reference I can find to it is on the BSI Online Cultivar Registry, which states that T. califano is actually a T. ionantha x T. baileyi.  It's a very sturdy Tillie, about 12cm tall,  with a lovely, deep emerald color. The inflorescence is dark pink with purple flowers. Supposedly it's a natural cross from northern Mexico, but a different source states that it is a cultivated hybrid. So my Tillie of the Month is a bit of a mystery.

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