Thursday, November 13, 2014

Do You Like Brazil Nuts? Meet Couroupita guianensis!

While skulking about the Fairchild Tropical Gardens with my camera in Miami, Florida, I saw and smelled a most amazing tree. It's called the Cannonball Tree and it hails from Brazil, where the nuts come from. In fact, it's first cousin to the Brazil Nut.
Couroupita guianensis, FTG, MR, 2014
The scent of the Cannonball flower is intoxicating, a mix of rose, peony, and a melange of spices. I was thoroughly charmed by this unique tree, and especially by the gorgeous scent of the blooms. Cannonball trees are grown all over the world now in tropical and semitropical zones. How I'd love one in my garden!


  1. Hi Marla,
    I wish I lived in a tropical or semi tropical zone! I would have one of these in my garden too. As it is I have to make do with my new greenhouse and am still trying to figure out how to insulate it.
    Gail (Azar)

  2. Hi, Gail!
    Still, you can grow so many temperate zone plants that can't survive down here. And a greenhouse is way cool!