Tuesday, November 4, 2014

More Tillandsia Holiday Fun

This week, I had a few days to spend in one of my favorite cities, Miami! One of the reasons it's on my Top 10 Cities List is that it is the site of the Fairchild Tropical Gardens. They were celebrating Halloween/Dia de los Muertos in high style, with Tillandsias (Spanish Moss and others) and ghosties made out of palm pieces:
There were other Tillandsias on display in their natural habitat:
And some amazing bat/owl creatures made out of more palm bits:
A sociable Anhinga did not want to be outdone by a bat made out of plant bits:
Anhinga, Fairchild Tropical Gardens, Miami, FL, MR, 2014
All in all, a beautiful day spent in a beautiful garden. If you are ever in Miami, do visit the Fairchild Tropical Gardens.

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