Saturday, February 14, 2015

A new name for Adromischus cristatus

You may not know this, but my post on Adromischus cristatus, the Key Lime Pie Plant, is one of my top 10 posts in terms of how many times, and how widely, it's been read on this planet. (I have no idea where, or whether, it's been read outside of this planet.) Who would have guessed it would be so popular? Well, it is a truly amazing plant.
Adromischus cristatus, MRobb
Alert Gardener Wired Eek has given this plant a much more fitting name than "Key Lime Pie Plant"--the "Footy Plant". That makes so much more sense. The pudgy leaves do look like weird little green feet.  I mean, what was someone smokin' when they named it "Key Lime Pie"--obviously something that was giving them the munchies! I like the name "Footy Plant" much better. Don't you?
A. cristatus, the "Footy Plant", a closeup of the "feet", MR

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