Saturday, August 22, 2015

Weekend Walkabout: Plumeria in the (Scorching) Sun

High temp records have been tumbling all over the globe this summer and last night I think there were a record number of tropical cyclones and invests on the planet at the same time (8!). Is that a record?? Yowza. Walking outside in full sun may not be the best idea for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere right now, but I had to take a few pictures of a neighbor's gorgeous Plumeria, which grow quite well on our sand dune:
Vertical Plumeria, MRobb, August 2015
Pink Plumeria, MRobb, August 15

Plumeria, also known as Frangipani, are native to this part of the world, and grow wild and in cultivation all over the Caribbean, Central, and South America. They are actually a genus of the Dogbane family, woof!, and are cousins to the poisonous Oleander. Just like with Oleanders, the sap can be irritating to eyes and skin, though some people have no trouble with it at all. The flowers have no nectar, but are most lusciously fragrant at night. They mostly attract moths. Growing them from cuttings is very easy, but you have to let the cut stump dry before planting it, or it could rot. They are somewhat slow growing but very tough and hardy.

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