Friday, February 5, 2016

A Pink Crown for a Mammillaria

Genus Mammillaria, my very favorite cactus clan in the world, are known for their beautiful "crowns" of flowers. They open during the day, then close at night. Not all Mammillarias bloom this way, but most do. Here is a recent example- first, open during the day, then closed at night:
Mammillaria elegans in full "crown" bloom, MRobb, 2016

Blooms close in the evening.
What a beautiful sight! Most Mammillaria have bright pink flowers, as this one does, but others have light pink, red, or even yellow blossoms. Gorgeous! Interestingly, they can have a primary, "proto-bloom" of just a couple of flowers, which can give them a funny "face":
Mammillaria elegans "Funny Face", MRobb
Then a month or so later, the full crown appears. I have no idea why this happens.


  1. That's very nice Marla, both the plant and the pot. I also think mammillarias are a great genus of cacti and there are so many different species you can have a wonderful collection of just mammillarias. I generally use clay pots for my plants but your pot for this mamm is lovely and quite appropriate in its colors and form. Hope your new year is starting off well and the coming Spring even better.

  2. Hi, Bob, glad to hear from you!
    I agree the Mammillaria are completely awesome. It is certainly possible to collect and grow nothing but this genus. I'm glad you like my custom cactus pot! How is your gardening going?

  3. Congratulations on the beautiful blooming Mammillaria. This genus does not do well for me. The only species that have germinated and grown well are the ones with horrible hooked spines that stick to anything that touches them (angelensis and bocasana). Those are thriving. Practically every other cactus genus grows like a weed in my conditions, so I don't know what it is with Mammillaria.

  4. Ellen, that is interesting because I cannot get any cacti to grow well here, indoors or out, except Mammillaria. We have Opuntia growing all over the place, though.