Saturday, February 20, 2016

Weekend Walkabout: Throw It and Grow It

Well, sometime in October, I had some extra sweet potatoes, and I didn't feel like roasting them.
What do I do in such circumstances? That's right, gardeners, throw it and grow it! Here's one of the sweet potatoes now, with one of my "plant spirit sculptures" to encourage it. I did this about a year ago with another batch of sweet spuds and I harvested them- yum! There's always something new in the garden. This year I will try to grow Japanese Shiso.

For some random weekend photos, here's a lovely dawn from this last week. And here's some more lovely scenery from this fall in Italy (Lago di Garda):
Red Boat, Lago di Garda, Italy, MRobb, 9-2015
Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy your walkabouts!

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