Saturday, June 11, 2016

Update on the Wellesley Ravens

Pauline and Henry, Ravens-in-Residence at Wellesley, had a nest of five eggs, and four of those were viable and hatched. Three of the young ravens were very lively and robust, and one was a little...not so lively and robust. When it came time to fledge in late May, the first three were out of the nest lickety-split, while the one my family dubbed "Junior" sort of just sat there, looking glum and trying out his not-very-lively wings. But his family returned to him to make sure he had food and water, and slept near him at night, even though they should have been out roosting in trees or bushes. It was clear they cared, and that's amazing! Most bird species don't behave that way at all. Corvids are different.
I am pleased to announce that Pauline and Henry's four young ones have all successfully fledged- I'm sure viewers around the world were cheering when Junior finally, with coaxing from his siblings, made it out of the nest and into the wide world! I'm looking forward to seeing Pauline and Henry at nesting time next spring. (Ravens are monogamous and generally mate for life.)
Here is a splendid pair of Northern Ravens from India, courtesy of Wikipedia:
Indian Cousins of Pauline and Henry, wikipedia

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