Sunday, June 19, 2016

Weekend Walkabout: New Tillie Trays and a Pelican Dawn

I've been getting up earlier these days so that I can watch the sun rise. It's worth it. Really.

This new habit has become a reality because I have discovered a fabulous coffee roastery in my neighborhood. Their coffee is freakin' awesome and it wakes me up sooooo much better than the stale grocery store stuff. This morning, it was stormy and windy, and I was greeted by pelicans heading for a fishing trip on the beach:
Beach Dawn with Pelicans, June 2016, MRobb
Gorgeous clouds, too:
Cloudscape June 2016, MRobb
I haven't shown my newish terracotta Tillie trays yet, as I was having camera/computer interface problems that I only corrected this morning. These trays are made of Roja Linda clay with Amaco Bluebell and Aquamarine glaze. I love this combo soooo much!
Tillie Trays 2016, MRobb
Have a wonderful and creative weekend!

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