Thursday, August 4, 2016

Think About It Thursday: Synthetic Gardens Could Salvage Climate

This article from Climate Central really had me thinking:

Now I'm all for more and more real gardens and real forests, and those will surely help the climate as well. I'm all for green roofs, the kind that are used in Scandinavia, and hydroponic farms built on top of skyscrapers in NYC. The farms provide organic produce for city dwellers, and give a lot of oxygen where it's needed.

And of course, Tillie curtains in China and Tillie High Rises in homes (like mine) make my day! They filter indoor air and give a lot of oxygen, and my brain can surely use more oxygen.

But I'm good with synthetic gardens and forests in addition to the real ones. Especially if this technology works and we can pull C02 out of the air and convert it to fuel. Now if only we could do the same with the methane in the Arctic!

What I want to know is, what would a synthetic tree or garden look like?? What do you think?

Watercolor by MRobb
"Fireflowers" by MRobb

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