Friday, August 12, 2016

Weekend Walkabout: Munin the Fish Crow and the Bloomin' Babytoes

Babytoes bloomed today, just in time for the weekend. And I finished a difficult painting, a tiny little thing that has been bugging me for months (another in my New Orleans Wall Fragment series), so I put them together for a mini-portrait:
Bloomin' Babytoes with New Orleans Wall Fragment 2, MRobb, 2016
After a whole month of drought, we got a lot of rain (phew, no more evening waterings!), so I thought I'd publish a portrait of Munin, our resident Fish Crow Patriarch and Way Cool Corvid, enjoying the rain on my fence- have I mentioned that Fish Crows are as intelligent as chimps?
Munin in Rain, MRobb, 2016
Here's a more regular portrait of Munin, singing on the balcony while I play my HAPI drum:
Munin at Dawn, MRobb, 2016
And finally, a new soul window, from an indigo center to a bright yellow outer ring. This one will go to the winner of our local poetry contest:
Soul Window, Indigo to Yellow, MRobb, 2016
Have a wonderful weekend and happy gardening!

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