Sunday, September 4, 2016

Weekend Walkabout: A Baby Bloomin' Babytoes, Goodbye Hermine, and Blackwork

So Hermine has said goodbye, the first landfalling hurricane here in 11 years. We had a lot of rain and wind, but thankfully, no storm surge on our sand dune.
I have a young Babytoes which is not like my other Babytoes- it's an aurantica! That means its flowers are quite yellow, although it could be a hybrid, as the petals are a light yellow, but not white:
Blooming Baby Babytoes, Aurantica Hybrid???
And I'm working hard on my Blackwork sampler, because I really loved the series "The Tudors", and the magnificent blackwork embroidery in those linen undershirts caught my eye. One of the women in my embroidery group took pity on me and gave me a full course on blackwork embroidery from the 1970s, and this is where I'm at with it:
It's extremely painstaking and meticulous work, but very rewarding. May take several months, but I'll get it! In the meantime, happy gardening and creating!


  1. I see you got a new friend for Babytoes :)
    What are you going to name them? (So you can tell them apart) :)
    I hope Babytoes is happy!

  2. Maybe I should have a naming contest! :-)
    Thanks for your comment, Aria, I hope both Babytoes are happy, they sure look it.