Saturday, September 24, 2016

Adromischus cristatus, the Key Lime Pie Plant, Blooms!

My original post on the Key Lime Pie Plant, aka Adromischus cristatus, remains one of my top 3 popular blog posts. Who could have guessed?
Adromischus cristatus, MRobb
This plant is now bigger, has had multiple children, and is still going strong. This week, it bloomed next to my blue garden Buddha....
Key Lime Pie Plant and Buddha, MRobb, 2016
You can see that as the plant matures, those orange adventitious roots go nutty, and daughter plants sprout alongside the mother plant. Each leaf can start a new plant, so every once in a while, I pinch off a leaf, dip it in rooting hormone, and "throw it and grow it". Wonderful!
And here's a nice pic of a few American Fish Crows from our local Clan Munin:
American Fish Crows, MRobb, 2016
As I always like to say, they are as intelligent as chimpanzees, and as sociable as we are. Love 'em!
Have a great weekend!

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