Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Tilly For the New Year: Tillandsia butzii

Ah, Tillandsia butzii, one of my favorites, and one of the "creepier" Tillies. They grow mostly in Southern Mexico and Panama, and they like their humidity and water. The outer leaves form pouches that usually house ants in the wild. The ants will leave detritus which gives food to the tilly, and the leaves protect the ants, so the relationship is symbiotic. Of course, when you grow them indoors, the tropical ants aren't so welcome! When you water indoor butziis, you have to be sure to drain those outer leaf pouches, or the plant can suffocate or rot. You can see a tiny pup on the lower left of the left-hand butzii.

You can see the lovely mottling of the leaves in this closeup as well. Beautiful!


  1. Nice, I may get my tillies going now that they are less exposed to the salt - we will see.

  2. Nice, my favorite Tillandsia as well! I can't wait to get some pups, maybe have a big clump of it someday.

  3. LT, I think they will do just fine with minimal salt exposure. I have two Tillies outside, out of the way of the salt spray, and they are OK. Indoors of course is no problem.

  4. Melody,
    Wunderbar, we are Tilly Twins! The pups grow slowly, but eventually, you'll have a nice group of butziis.

    1. OK, that sounds a little funny, but you know what I mean!

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