Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pensive Tuesday: Who Doesn't Fit In??

Sometimes, I have to take a look at my growing collection and think, who's not fitting in here??

Not that any of my plants are in any way disagreeable to me, not at all! It's just that some seem to need to be...somewhere else. That's what my outdoor cacti/succulent garden is for. That's what friends are for. For some plants, like the Mother of Millions, that's what other planets are for!

Happy Somewhere Else....
How do I define if a plant isn't doing well with the others? Well, of course, if it's ailing, I try to figure out where it would be happier. Often, that's outside. Sansevierias, for example, do better outdoors. They even bloom out there, which they pretty much never do inside a house.

For some, I just have too many. Kalanchoes grow so quickly, and every leaf can be the start of a whole new colony. That's what friends are for, right? That's what holiday gifts are for! I think everyone I know has at least one baby Panda Plant from my garden....

How do you manage your collection so that your house doesn't become a full-time greenhouse? Or are you busy knocking holes in your walls so you'll have more windows and windowsills for your plants??


  1. My house IS a full-time greenhouse, with orchids growing everywhere inside and out. The dining room even has a special 5-foot tall rack for orchid flasks full of tiny baby plants. Of course, being a professional orchid farmer is a little different from doing it as a hobby, since the goal is to move them in and move them out before they proliferate too much.

    I can't say the same for the succulents, which take up more than their fair share of space. I do try to give pieces of them away as I can. I just gave my son the latest batch of Notocactus seeds.

  2. A house that's a full-time greenhouse sounds pretty wonderful! Lots of oxygen for sure. ;-)