Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Quick and Chaotic Weekend Update

It's been a great Mothers' Day Weekend here, with lots of funny family stuff going on. So just a quick, chaotic weekend update for the Lithops and other Odd Plants:

The Lithops Releaf-a-rama is over 90% complete now, and it's been amazing to witness the regeneration of these normally quiet, inobtrusive plants.  I'll have a separate post on the effect of light in the regeneration of different species; I was surprised there was so much variation. Some new Lithops are leggy, some are squat, all with the same amount of light. That's the sound bite.

The Catasetum I bought at the orchid show is still alive. That's good! I'm following the instructions given to the letter. I hope it lives long and prospers....

And what's better than one blooming Babytoes? Two blooming Babytoes! You just gotta love these guys.
Now I have to rest after the Big Brunch with the Big Bunch. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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