Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday's Bud and Bloom Update

Spring is still in full swing, and it seems like there's nothing but budding and blooming going on, both indoors and out. Here are a few of the succulent buds and blooms happening outside:

This Gymnocalycium baldianum grew several buds. There are three of them; one's off in the upper right corner. I haven't seen a bud so far off to the side before, very creative!  Two days later, here's the first bloom, I love the color:

Gymnocalycium baldianum in bloom, MR, 5-13
Not wanting to be outdone, my Parodia went a little wild....

On the subtle side of the garden, my Haworthia and Senecio articulatus were showing their quiet, yet still pretty, blooms and buds....

Senecio articulatus buds, MR 5-13
Hope everything's growing well in your gardens!


  1. In Seattle we also have nothing but budding and blooming (and already some seeding) going on. Yesterday I was shocked to see that within less than a week our adolescent palm tree has put out three huge, phallic-looking flower buds! I guess that officially makes it an adult.

    It never ceases to amaze me how much biomass some plants can produce in almost no time.

    Your cactus flowers are beautiful. Can't say as much for the Haworthias, but their flower stalks also grow at an alarming rate.

  2. I know, watching plants grow at such amazing speed is like watching the laws of physics defied. And poor little Wallflower Haworthia. Up close and in person, the tiny little flowers are sort of cute in a bland, beige sort of way. No odor, though. I wonder how they are supposed to attract insects??

  3. Lovely, lovely cactus flowers! Yes we are budding, blooming and seeding all at the same time here in the PNW. The iris have but on at least a foot in the last few days as their buds start to appear. The apples and plums are just finishing their bloom and the pines are still at it. There is a thick, yellow dusting of pollen everywhere. Even my "rescue" plants (the Trader Joe Phals) are putting out new spikes. They must like our warmer than normal Spring. We had one day that was almost 90 degrees.

  4. Aren't cactus flowers the best? So unexpected, I think that's the magic. Abundance in the desert. Glad spring has sprung in the NW, but wow, almost 90F in May, that is too hot! I remember that thick yellow pollen cloud from when I lived in Germany, it was hard to wash it off the car and windows. Happy to hear your rescue plants are thriving, not a surprise!