Saturday, May 4, 2013

Weekend Walkabout (With Bunny Love)

The jet stream's been messing with our weather again, throwing out some amazingly weird loops and creating some very peculiar storms across the country. Fortunately, we got rain, not snow. Our own storm system from the Gulf of Mexico tried so hard to go tropical cyclone on us, and it almost made it. It was banding and spinning before it spun out.  Here's a lovely cumulonimbus that formed off the beach as the system spun out to sea:

All the rain really brought out the wildflowers, birds, and the wild bunnies. We have two species here, the Florida Marsh Rabbit (smaller, with a chubby body, short legs, small ears, and reddish fur), and the Eastern Cottontail (larger and leggier, brown agouti fur, white tail).  Here's the Marsh Rabbit:

And here's the Eastern Cottontail, also enjoying the flowers:

I'll be back with plenty of Lithops and Tillie news soon, as soon as I can stop photographing bunnies, that is!

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