Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Autumn- The Busiest Time of Year

I'm glad the plants in my gardens are mostly on break this time of year. My one and only orchid, a Catasetum, is now going into rest-and-retreat mode, its lower leaves yellowing and falling off. It will come back in the spring. My cacti are starting to lapse into dormancy as well. My Tillandsias have all bloomed and pupped. Lithops marmorata, aka, "The Brains" were the last Lithops to regenerate this year:
Lithops marmorata, aka "The Brains"
I have a whole stack of skyscape photos that I've begun using as my "models" for painting skies and clouds, and I'll be training as an official weather spotter for the government this month. Will I start chasing tornados? We'll see....Right now I'm mostly observing sunrises, peacefully.
Lots of work in the studio, ceramics and painting, much of it for charity.
And school, oh yeah! Middle schoolers are tough, but fun. Looking at the whole picture, no wonder I wake up tired...and it's only Wednesday! Hope you're all having a good week. And don't forget to (not) water your Lithops.


  1. Aw, don't be mean to your lithops. Actually, we are entering the flowering season of lithops and they are allowed a little water during the budding and flowering stage. It's once the flowers fade that they must go on their no-water diet until spring. Of course lithops that have not completed their leaf regeneration should be kept dry to help get those old leaves absorbed. Oh, I think being a weather spotted is great. I love the weather. It was my second coveted career choice. No. 1 was astronomy, No. 2 was meteorology, and No. 3 was horticulture. I didn't like math, so I went with horticulture. Please tell us about weather spotter training. Fascinating. :)

    1. Bob, do I look like a Lithops meanie?? ;-) About half of mine are getting their weekly watering. The other half are still absorbing the old leaves. None look like they are ready to bloom anytime soon, but it's so shockingly hot here, I'm not surprised. After all, we are in the "Crazy Hot Season" (as opposed to our other season, the "Really Hot Season")!