Saturday, September 21, 2013

Weekend Walkabout: Ocean Conservancy International Coastal Cleanup

This weekend's walkabout was for a good cause. We're cleaning up the world's trashed beaches! All over the world, people who live on or near the beach are picking up the trash....
The first OCI trash team hits the beach just after sunrise.
But we're not only bagging the trash, we're gathering data. Every trash bag gets every little piece inside recorded, then crunched in a global database. We want to find out where the trash is coming from, how it landed on the beach, and how to stop more from coming. Recording hundreds of trashy bits can be odiferous and mucky, but it's worth it....
Recording the contents of a bag full of beach trash. Ew!
Our group logged several hundred "plastic bits", 12 buoy chunks, 3 flip-flops (all for the left foot), 3 balloons, 3 cans, one ancient bottle of booze, 3 fishing ropes, 50 plastic bottle tops, and over 100 pieces of food packaging. And that was just in one trash bag! Yuck! I also found some cool sea beans (including kapok prickles and hamburger beans), and earned a T-shirt, so though we got very sweaty and tired, I'm feeling pretty good. Now it's time for a cool lemonade in the garden, watched over by Jeffrey the Gnome. I was pleased to see that by the time our early-bird team was leaving, hundreds of people were combing the beach with black trash bags, as far as I could see north and south. I hope it's the same all over the planet today. Wonderful! Please leave a comment if you participated, let me know which country/beach you helped clean, and tell us what was the weirdest or grossest thing you found.

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