Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mesembs Art: Stamps by Hein Botha

I just wanted to share two lovely South African stamps from a set painted by Hein Botha in 1988. The top stamp is of the gorgeous diva mesemb, Frithia pulchra, and the lower is of the very popular and distinctive Lithops dorotheae.
I have both plants in my collection, so I couldn't resist adding their portraits!

Frithia pulcra, MR
L. dorotheae
I looked up Hein Botha and saw that he is still painting, and has a website. Here's the Bio page for those interested:

I'm always happy to share the work of a Lithops artist! To all my readers, have a wonderful, creative weekend.


  1. I love these photos, Marla. I have some stamps and postcards from the world orchid conference in South Africa in the late 70's or 80 (I don't remember). You have inspired me to drag out my stamp and paper ephemera collection to see just what I have in there. Of course your live plants are so much prettier than their portraits!


    1. I do love stamps! I don't really collect them per se, but I have some wonderful stamps from the space program in various countries, and of course, gardening! Those orchid stamps sound beautiful, you could frame them in a handpainted frame, perhaps?