Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Till-O-Ween!

With a big shout-out to Gardener Gail, who proposed the Tillandsia xerographica as a fashion accessory. I hope she'll soon be wearing one, also! I suspect she will look far more glamorous and beautiful than I do with a Tilly on her head, but I just couldn't resist....


  1. Ooo! Hello Marla! Fantastic and scary hairpiece! The more I look at this picture the weirder it gets! How did you affix your xerographica (beautiful one, by the way) to your head?

    My plan is to wear one to the symphony or the opera. I would love to show up at Richard Strauss's Elektra (one of the creepiest operas I know) with a tilly in my hair. I would be sure to wear some of Ellen's Elektra perfume too. Unfortunately I am not all that glamorous and I'm not sure I can pull it off. I don't even know if Elektra is here this year so I think I will have to start with some discreet little tilly tucked into the bun on top of my head and see if my students even notice it!

  2. Whether it will be a big ol' xerographica or a little tiny tillie on top, you'll look great!