Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Annual Garden Tally: So What Am I Growing, Anyway?

I finally got around to my annual plant tally this week, and here are the results:
Type of Plant/Number of Plant

Lithops: 48. About a third now live outdoors in the ground rather than in pots. The seem to like it out there.

Tillandsias: 97. Yup, I'm closing in on 100. Good grief, somebody stop me! Most live indoors on my CD tower scaffolding, with about 7 living outside. Here's a shot from watering day (done outdoors, obviously).
Mesembs-That-Are-Not Lithops: 28
This includes quite a few Pleiospilos, Aloinopsis, Argyroderma, Marlothistella, and of course, Babytoes (Fenestraria). Others, too. About half live indoors, and half live outside.
Cacti: Mostly Mammillaria or hairy types, 17 all together....
So that's the tally, and obviously, I'd better get to watering these guys! Though my plants don't demand a lot of attention, with this many, it does add up. But hey, there's always room for one more, right? And we all need oxygen....


  1. Nice looking collection of plants Marla, and great you have them inventoried. One of the reasons I am trying to cut back my collection is that I have more plants than I can keep track of. When you get to the point when you don't know all your plants, you probably have too many. My favorites of your plants are the Fenestrarias, which look great. Again, nice collection.

  2. Hi, Bob!
    Yes, I'm getting to the "What the heck is that?" point with my Tillandsias, so 100 is going to be my stopping point. Glad you like the Babytoes, they are my favorites, too!

  3. I so know what you mean when you say "someone stop me" when referring to your tillandsias. I am at 71 plants and just beginning to start! I just can not read or see enough information about them. I love your blog and found it by my search for information on tillies. I read you beginner post on living stones today and have been growing an interest since reading your blog about them. You recommended a site for more information today on the living stones. Do you have any sites you would recommend for tillandsias? Again, thank you for sharing such beautiful photos and information on all of your plants. Mary in Ohio

  4. Hi, Mary,
    Yes, 71 is just not enough! I'm at around 105 now, and I'm hankering after several new species even as I write this. My Tilly Guide is in process and should be posted soon. Thank you!