Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekend Walkabout: Lantana, A Bunny, and Some Ibises

An autumn cold front finally blew through this week, lowering our temps from the mid-90sF to the low 80s. Time for walkies! What's to be seen this weekend?

The Lantana camara is still blooming like crazy....
Lantana camara, MR 2013
The Eastern cottontails are busily munching tasty riverbank salad....
Eastern cottontail, MR, 2013
The white ibises are flocking. Eudocimus albus is a friendly neighborhood bird around here. It's not uncommon to see a flock of 10-12 rooting around the yard at breakfast time, using their narrow beaks to precisely target tasty insects and worms. Apparently, only about 10-20% of the huge flocks that graced our shores are currently still with us. The demise of the Everglades, and general wetland encroachment by humans, has thinned their numbers considerably across the South. Fortunately, we have many here on the dunes, and they appear well-fed and healthy.

White Ibis Pair, MR, 2013
Have a wonderful weekend!

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