Friday, November 15, 2013

Fragrant Tinctures: A Bride's Perfume

As you may know from earlier this month, I've been tincturing like crazy:
Geranium and Rose Tinctures
A good friend is getting married in a month, and for a present, I made bespoke perfumes for bride and groom. The bride wanted something very soft and subtle, hinting of red roses, her favorite flower, and with a green edge rather than something sweet. So I created a perfume with the tinctures shown above, red rose petals, and scented geranium. I added tincture of Madagascar vanilla beans, a few other bits and bobs, some golden mica powder, and ta da! A Bride's Perfume is born....
The swirls of gold appear when the perfume is held in sunlight; you can't see it in a static photo (I might make a video at some point). I've been using such "swirls" in several colors for about 3 years now, and I've actually seen them in one commercial perfume (last year), so I think that's a good thing. Not every perfume needs to be transparent and clear. I left a few rose petals at the bottom of the bottle, cuz' that's romantic! I really enjoy making new things from my garden. What are your favorite things to make from your garden?

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