Friday, November 8, 2013

Tales o' the Pups, Part 2 (Tillandsias)

Here's Part 1 in case you missed it:

My Tillies continue to pup like there's no tomorrow. Last time I wrote about Tillies that pup at the base. This week, I've got some hidden and subtle pups to show. Here are three of them. It's hard to find images of Tillandsias and their pups, so I hope this will add to our global photo album of Tillandsias.
Tillandsia magnusiana with pup, MR, 2013
My favorite fuzzy Tillies, T. magnusiana, are as close to  airplant pets as it gets. They're soft, fluffy silver balls that fit nicely in the hand. I swear they'd purr if they could. The sacred Tillie of the Maya has equally cute pups. They grow quite hidden at the base for a month or so, then suddenly, a lower leaf will lurch away from its fellows, and there you'll see the pup, only about 1cm in diameter.
Tillandsia caliginosa with pup, MR, 2013
Tillandsia caliginosa has a cleverly disguised pup branching off from the base, approximately two leaves up on the mother plant.
Tillandsia filifolia with pup, MR, 2013
T. filifolia pups at the base, but the pup grows in a direction perpendicular to the mother plant. It's very hard to spot at first. This pup has been growing for several months and is now clearly visible. You can see the central rosette of the pup clearly in the lower right corner. It's darker than the mother plant.

Well, that's enough pupping for now! Have a wonderful weekend and happy gardening.

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